Artist Bagart Vladimir Vikentievich

Country: Ukraine
City: Kherson

Born in the USSR in the village of Elan Volgograd region studied in Saratov
Polytechnic Institute, now Technical University named after Yuri
Gagarin. Moved to Nikolayev, where he lived since childhood, he graduated from Nikolaev
Pedagogical Institute of Music and the Faculty of Education, specialty
Primary school teacher, radiomasterom served in the Signal Corps in Kuibyshev,
now Samara. C young age, writes poetry, music, painting (see. Google Vladimir Bagart)
Art education is not Hanh. In a sort are artists, architects, designers,
musicians. The professional activity engaged in construction, design,
Photos. He was an actor of the national theater, the captain of KVN party
Song Festival and chanson, the festivals main artist. In 2011,
as a result of progressive brain tumor practically lost vision. As a result,
operations conducted deserved neurosurgeon Andriy Prokofievich Latiem,
with some mobility impairments, he recovered and continued to engage in
painting, now in order to show his work to those who once had
begin to live from the beginning, and after that the point of no return is possible to live, not to exist!
Present their works under a pseudonym - \"Vladimir Bagart.\"

Work list
Painting (Picture) : At the far shore
2015 y. / 50x60 cm
Contract price