Artist Bayerle Alexandra Nikolaevna

Country: Ukraine
City: Kharkov

I am Beyerle Alexandra Nikolaevna.I was born in 30.06.1997 in Yalta city.

In 2003 i went to 1st klass of #2 hightschool in Yalta city. In 2014 i successfully finished it in Kharkiv city.

Now im studying in Kharkiv State Academy of Arts and Design.

Also im warking as personal painter on this directions: Impressionism and Realism

Work list
Painting (Picture) : a storm in the Gulf
2015 y. / 40x50 cm
200 $
Painting (Picture) : Irises
2015 y. / 40x50 cm
150 $
Painting (Picture) : The morning after the rain
2015 y. / 40x50 cm
200 $