Artist Berezina Elena Anatolyevna

Country: Russian Federation
City: Moskow

Elena Berezina graduated from the Kharkov Institute in Art and Design in 1986. Elena Berezina participated in various group exhibitions in Russia, Italy, Croatia, France and Serbia, particularly, in the Europastello exhibition (Cuneo, Piemonte, Italy - St. Peterburg, Russia, 2002-2003). Elena Berezina held more than 20 personal exhibitions in Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow, Moscow region. She participated in the 1st Moscow Festival of Art in January, 2007. Her personal exhibition took place in "Armonia" gallery in Rethymnon (Greece) in January, 2008.

Her paintings are kept in museums of Lequio Berria (Italy), Rashka (Serbia) in Croatia, Bank collections in Russia and also as private collections in Russia, Italy, Serbia, Israel, Cyprus, Germany, United States, France, Belgium, Greece

Works in are in a museum collection of pastels Lekujo Berrija Provintsii Kuneo (Italy), in museum collections in Serbia and Croatia, and also in private collections in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, the USA, in Cyprus, in Italy, Israel, France, Serbia, Greece, Belgium.

It is awarded by a medal «Talent and calling» the World alliance "Peacemaker" for propagation of ideas of the world. The diploma of the First International salon of arts «Unity Way».

It is awarded by a gold medal "Gold eagle" in a fantasy category at the international exhibition New York Realism Fine Art 2011г

Laureate "THE NEXT BIG IDEA" Los Alamos, New Mexico category "Originality Innovation" 2013г prize for painting "Кiddle Mandelbrot"

Work list
Painting (Picture) : moon rise
2015 y. / 35x50 cm
250 €
Painting (Picture) : It's time St. John's wort
2015 y. / 70x50 cm
25 000 Rubles
Painting (Picture) : Melody of the autumn meadows
2015 y. / 70x90 cm
45 000 Rubles
Painting (Picture) : From distant wanderings
2015 y. / 50x100 cm
45 000 Rubles
Painting (Picture) : Aromas of Eastern veils
2015 y. / 90x70 cm
Contract price
Painting (Picture) : Tróllius
2001 y. / 70x70 cm
Contract price
Painting (Picture) : Waiting for squid
2010 y. / 40x50 cm
Contract price
Painting (Picture) : Running Time
2009 y. / 80x90 cm
Contract price
Painting (Picture) : In the living room
2010 y. / 80x90 cm
25 000 Rubles
Painting (Picture) : Spanish dreams
2014 y. / 80x90 cm
Contract price
Painting (Picture) : Cante flamenko
2013 y. / 74x58 cm
Contract price
Painting (Picture) : Moulin Rouge
2008 y. / 110x110 cm
Contract price
Painting (Picture) : flamenco
2008 y. / 110x110 cm
Contract price