Sculptor Baskaev Soslan

Country: Russian Federation
City: Moskow

I was born in North Ossetia in 1955. Since the early childhood I was engaged in a molding in the palace of pioneers, there I have won in 6 years the first biennial in Italy. In 1982 I have come to MGHI of V. I. Surikov on faculty \"Sculpture\". During study I participated in All-Union exhibitions and I took the 1st places in competitions, I got \"A Lenin grant\". I have graduated from HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION in 1988 with the diploma with honors.

Creative Works are in Moscow, Orenburg, Norilsk, Vladikavkaz, and also abroad - in America, Germany, Italy and France.

Main works (monuments, monumental sculpture):
1994 – A monument \"To the soldiers of internal troops who have died at execution of a military duty\", Moscow, tone. concrete.
2000 – \"A lion and a lioness\" the Kirov bridge, Vladikavkaz, bronze.
2001 – Monument to \"Victims of repressions\", Norilsk, bronze.
2004 – a monument \"To soldiers - internationalists\", Norilsk, bronze.
2014 - an equestrian statue \"Towards to freedom...\", bronze, Moscow Region, horse park \"Russia\".
2016 - \"Herd of horses\", bronze, Khimki (installation begins)

Work list
Garden sculpture : lioness
2000 y. / 120x300 cm
55 000 €
Garden sculpture : lion
2000 y. / 150x300 cm
60 000 €
Garden sculpture : Towards to freedom...
2014 y. / 160x250 cm
45 000 €
Garden sculpture : foal
2015 y. / 170x160 cm
20 000 €
Garden sculpture : a foal
2015 y. / 170x160 cm
20 000 €