Artist Safronov Oleg V.

Country: Russian Federation
City: Moskow

Artist Safronov Oleg (1955-2011)

Artist Oleg Safronov realized himself at once in many directions, genres, styles. And this is not just an instinctive desire for diversity as the cure for boredom or a way to get out of a creative impasse. This diversificatio rather like trying to conquer several peaks, like mount Everest.
Creativity Oleg Safronov can be defined as the art I dcho, as a kind of echo, echo many trends in the art world.
Artist Oleg (Alex) Safronov lived and worked in them created a maze of unusual and colorful images.
Luxury Golden (figuratively and literally - Oleg Safronov often uses gold) paintings
harnessed impeccable taste.
Decorative, exquisite beauty and aestheticism of the works of Safronova Golden delight and connoisseur, and unsophisticated audience. On the details and thoroughness of execution, these paintings are reminiscent of Florentine mosaic, and in the spirit
Venetian carnivals. They give a sense of presence at the celebration of life.

Safronovsk the cycle of "Rebirth". It's inspired, strong, focused person on the background of a mosaic of precious fabrics, gold embroidery, pearls and precious stones.
In full accordance with the Renaissance tradition of psychologism in the works of this series combined with decorative rather lofty ("uplifting") beauty.

The cycle of "Rebirth" is part of and put up for sale unique triptych "Revival".
Works of artist Oleg Safronov V. adorn the best private collections in the USA.

Work list
Painting (Picture) : Revival
1994 y. / 114x276 cm
5 255 000 Rubles