Artist Stoyanov Valentin Petrov

Country: Bulgaria
City: Sofia

Today, at the apogee of my craft, I\'m known for my authentic carvings, which depict realistic characters from the nation’s folklore. I also recreate history, different cultures, and religious scenes from the Bible. Each of my works has its own storyline, humor and life. This is a world where they are collected at various characters.I do not do reproductions and all of my creations are unique. All of the artworks are made only by my hand. The only tools I use are chisels.

I have found the most artistic tool in threading through which to recreate my inner emotional need to admire Balkan Peninsula originality, tradition, natural beauty and culture. In my admiration and adoration I had used the scales of a three-plan perspective. My pieces are filled with the most detailed fragmentation, completing them to the finest details with everything that the eye could remember and feel. Most frequently in my work I recreate the distinctive atmosphere of Balkan village during the 18th and 19th century with the typical Revival architecture: cobblestones, hedges, walls and the mandatory for every yard – flowerbeds with all their colors and loveliness. Eternity of the Balkans and the love for the home are the main message in my work.

Through my work I would like to send us a clear messages about eternity. I spared no capabilities of the means of expression and no mastery. The emphasis on patriotism, Orthodoxy and beauty is convincing and undeniable. My message states that “A person is first born as a God-like creature, then as nationality and after that follows all the rest!” This is the moral code that all of my works of art are based upon.

Thank you!

Work list
Wood carving : The Birth of Jesus
2014 y. / 40x70 cm
3 000 €
Wood carving : The hunters
2001 y. / 85x240 cm
Contract price
Wood carving : Fede
1999 y. / 80x200 cm
Contract price
Wood carving : Idyll
2015 y. / 95x395 cm
Contract price