Artist Kamzolkin Yevgeny Ivanovich

Country: Russian Federation
City: Moskow

Author of the hammer and sickle (1918) used for the state emblem of the Soviet Union. Studied at Moscow Art College of Painting. Sculpture and Arhitecture under the tutorship of A.Arkhipov and N.Kasatkin (1904-12). Aktive in the town of Pushkino. Started exhibiting in 1906. Member of the Leonardo da Vinci Society (from 1906), cofounder of the Moscow Salon (1910) and Zhar- Tsvet (1924) societies. After the October Revolution took active part in the new life of the country. Worked as a street designer and decorator (1918-20s). Created scenes and costumes for the Theatre of the Soviets of Workers' and Peasants' Deputies in Mockow. Executed the panel "Siemens- Martin plant" (1923) for the 1 st All- Russian Exhibition of Art and industry in Moscow. Later he turned to thematic painting and landscapes. In 1919 wrote a brochure entitled "The Workers' and Peasants' Theatre". His one- man shows were held in 1938, 1950 in Moscow, and in 1965 in Pushkino

Work list
Painting (Picture) : By the River
1940 y. / 75x65 cm
200 000 Rubles