Artist Varentsov Alexander Alekseevich

Country: Russian Federation
City: Moskow

Was born in 1949 in Kalininsky area. With 1955 lives and works in Great Novgorod. In 1971 has ended is art-graphic faculty LGPI of Herzen. In 1973 the master has organised the first art school in Novgorod and has worked in it till 1992 the director. With 1978 on 1992 annually worked on the Academic Summer residence of the Union of Artists.

In 1989 has been accepted in the Union of artists of Russia. In 1991-1992 was the chairman of the Novgorod branch of the Union of artists of Russia, in 1994-1996 - taught at the Novgorod university.
In 2000 A.A.Varentsovu appropriates an honorary title «the Deserved artist of Russia».
With 1971 for 2010 has spent more than 20 personal exhibitions of the artist in Novgorod, Leningrad, Pskov, Staraya Russa, Vitebsk, Tallinn, Pjarnu, Kuressaare, Volote and Borovichi. Alexander Varentsov was also the participant and экспозиционером numerous regional (Syktyvkar, Novgorod, Murmansk, Kirov, Vologda) and foreign (Germany, Norway, Austria, France, Spain, Sweden, Estonia, Italy) exhibitions.
Products of the painter are stored in funds of the Novgorod state memorial estate, in museums of Pskov, the Reach, in many private a collection abroad. In 2007 A.A.Varentsov is awarded by a silver medal of the Russian Academy of Arts.

The artist travels much. Basically it is the small small villages stretched on coast of numerous picturesque lakes of the Novgorod region. But there are also much more distant routes - Kareliya, Chukotka, Estonia, Finland, Italy. Result of these trips always are the whole series of works which open a unique image of concrete district.

For A.A.Varentsova the nature in all variety of the displays is the main source of inspiration and judgement, and work in the open air is an original laboratory in which new artistic images are born. Feature of creativity of artist A.A.Varentsova consists in rare ability to create a picture directly from nature. All its products, even it is perfect «этюдного» the size - inherently - complete pictures as the figurative beginning always prevails over concrete motive.

The light, joyful world of pictures does not leave indifferent spectators. For fidelity to the city, force and picturesque temperament people named Alexander Alekseevich "the most Novgorod" and "solar" artist.

Work list
Painting (Picture) : Sailing vessels in Jurevo
1995 y. / 100x150 cm
10 000 $
Painting (Picture) : Perynsky monastery
2000 y. / 100x150 cm
10 000 $