Artist Sanina Olga Alexander

Country: Ukraine
City: Kiev

I, Sanina Olga, borned on March, «15», 1979 in town Novomoskovsk of the Dnepropetrovsk area in family of artist.
1991-1996 artistic school.
In 1996 finished middle school with a difference Novomoskovsk and entered a Dnepropetrovsk National Technical University of Railway Transport, on a faculty «Electrification of railways».
2001 is in a jar.
2002-2004 entered National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine on the Special faculty on speciality «Account and Audit».
2005 Chief of department of bank insurance, economist of branch.
2006 worked as in a company reconstruction and building of motorways. Held a position of Deputy gene. directors on an economy and finances.

Now I am in a maternity leave and engaged in painting.

Work list
Painting (Picture) : On the fringe of the forest
2010 y. / 43x62 cm
1 000 €