Artist Tyutina Ekaterina Nikolayevna

Country: Russian Federation
City: Moskow

Tyutina Ekaterina Nikolayevna was born in 1982 year in the village Оzyorny of district Rezh of Sverdlovskaya oblast (Russia). She left professional Lyceum by profession painter- decorator and training college faculty of arts and crafts in Yekaterinburg city. Works in easel painting and graphics technique. Participated in joint exhibitions \\\\\\\"Autumnal opening day\\\\\\\" (2002), \\\\\\\"Autumnal opening day \\\\\\\" (2007) Rezh city. First personal exhibition of painting and graphic arts (2007) in Rezh city come about. In 2009 personal exhibition in the Museum of the fine arts (Ekaterinburg, Russia).

I paint a drawings in Indian ink and pen, water-colours, but, substantially, I am writing in oils: landscapes, portraits. In childhood one would dream of a life of a grown-up person, dream of what he or she will become. I wasn\\\\\\\'t an exception and also dreamed of different occupations, but all of them were connected with art. Today I can claim that my occupation corresponds to the inclination of my heart, and I do drawing every day, which is very important for an artist. Through the realistic painting, with its edges and details, conduct my sensations and moods to a spectator, so that the latter could easily feel and see the same.

Work list
Painting (Picture) : Autumn contrasts.
2008 y. / 40x60 cm
Contract price
Painting (Picture) : Turning in a river-bed.
2008 y. / 70x50 cm
Contract price