Sculptor Ivanov Evgeny Nikolaevitch

Country: Russian Federation
City: Moskow

Woodcarving is my way of life. I am engaged in a carving since a school time and I love my business. The desire to share with people fruits of the work and inspiration was always. As consequence, began to take part in exhibitions of regional Moscow Showrooms and exhibitions of National gallery at the State Russian House of national creativity (ГРДНТ) the Ministries of culture of the Russian Federation. Mainstreams of my creativity is wooden volume sculpture and a home decoration which allow to surround people with beauty, good will and creative energy of the master – categories inaccessible to the subjects which have descended from the industrial conveyor. Fantastic heroes became the basic themes of my works in a sculpture genre:« Woman Jaga "," Fight of the Russian hero with a dragon of Gorynychem "," the Old man with the old woman at the broken trough »and outstanding persons of history of Russia –« A.S.Pushkin's Sculptural composition with Natalia Goncharovoj "," Generalissimo A.V.Suvorov ». The hobby for art of an epoch of Baroque and Classicism has helped to find close artistic images and embodiment forms. So there were two big mirror frames in ancient palace style. Frames are executed in the refined technics of openwork woodcarving. Exclusively handwork. I accept orders for performance of sculptures and a home decoration.

Work list
Statuette : Fairy tale on a goldfish
2008 y. / 25x45 cm
Contract price
Statuette : The girl sitting in a chair
2013 y. / 50x45 cm
Contract price
Wood carving : The central fragment of a mirror frame
/ 100x190 cm
Contract price
Wood carving : The frame carved  in Rococo style
2010 y. / 100x190 cm
Contract price