Artist Nazarenko Tatyna Grigorevna

Country: Russian Federation
City: Moskow

TATYANA NAZARENKO is one of the most distinguished and expressive artists in the Russian contemporary art of the second half of the 20th century. It was her works that reflected the most significant trends of the art of the seventies, which later prompted her to search for novel vehicles of expression in art, and this quest does not seem to be reaching its end.

She made herself known as a consummate and independent artist in the early seventies when she entered for the youth exhibition with a historical work “Execution of Narodniks” (1972), which won her a Moscow Komsomol prize. She was one of the first to sense changes in the art life of the country and she still claims to be a most original artist of today. Her works are always in the spotlight of the art critique and, in more ways than one, they serve as a very sensitive indicator of the changes in the political paradigm of the country.

Nazarenko has followed a meandering path in her artistic endeavours, her works of different periods merge seemingly distant artistic currents and instrumental categories of Russia’s public spirit.

The personal aesthetic of the master was being moulded during the times when changes in the polity took their toll in all spheres of life and severely affected the course the national culture was following.

Artists of those times seem to be rediscovering their culture; and this tendency in art proved formative in the works of Tatyana Nazarenko. “The austere style” as one of the dominant aesthetics in the art of the fifties and sixties reigned supreme with the young artists. In the sixties, the newly discovered concept of synthesis that merged not only heterogeneous elements but also various arts shaped the new generation’s novel, different world outlook.

Tatyana Nazarenko at the very outset of her artistic career launches herself into polemic with various traditions and principles of the “austere style”. The plastic manner of the artists of the sixties and seventies manifests variations, but the content of their works, especially that of their earlier works, remains homogeneous and “upheld by the fourth dimension of continuity”.

Work list
Painting (Picture) : Zastolie
1999 y. / 140x120 cm
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