Artist Garanin Adolf Nikolaevich

Country: Russian Federation
City: Moskow

The artist-man of the sixties. Was the forerunner the well-known Vladimir school of the painting, the first, dared to introduce in the works bright paints, then appeared on cloths become eminent colleagues. From works of the artist the unique charm of happy 60th years when the young were pleased with all proceeds: small city wooden houses and garages, industrial landscapes.
He participated in city and regional exhibitions, it praised, named a nugget, and in the Union of artists didn't call. It was indifferent to it. This was a nugget which couldn't to the full will dispose of the talent on an etiology or because of that arrogance which sits in each creative person.

Work list
Painting (Picture) : Mother, don't cry
1964 y. / 54x74 cm
60 000 Rubles