Sculpteur Toropygin Oleg Arkadievich

Pays de résidence: La Fédération de Russie
City: Moscou

born April 9, 1974 g in Moscow in a family of artists. In three years, began to draw. With 8 years of party art exhibitions. At age 11 he entered the Moscow Central School of Art at the Institute of Surikov VI (now Mahli of Tomsk in MGHPI them Surikov), graduated from it in 1991 In 1992 entered the Moscow Higher School of Industrial Art (now the Moscow State Art Industry-University) of Stroganova SG He graduated in 1998 with 18 years of age began teaching at the studio of his father - a sculptor Toropygina AI Also taught at different places in the Children's Academy "Timaeus" MT Kakushkina, at the institute, whose names I do not remember, from 1999 to 2006 directed the children's art department in KFSH "New Acropolis". From 2000 to 2008 - members of our staff HNUM, Ltd. BM HNUM ", performed various work on the application, fine art and design. Since 2005, member of the Moscow Union of Artists, the section "Sculpture", the Moscow Association of Sculptors

Liste des œuvres
Statuette : Une petite fontaine
2010 a. / 40x50 cm
Prix du contrat
Statuette : Ladoga
2010 a. / 20x57 cm
200 000 Roubles
Statuette : Ensoleillé
2010 a. / 15x27 cm
200 000 Roubles
Bust : Angella's portrait
2010 a. / 20x42 cm
150 000 Roubles
Bust : Portrait of Eugenia
2010 a. / 20x40 cm
Prix du contrat
Statuette : rêver
2009 a. / 35x15 cm
1 000 $
Statuette : Sunlite
2009 a. / 20x35 cm
1 000 $