Artiste Vynnyk Oleksandr leonidovich

Pays de résidence: Ukraine
City: Kharkov

Vinnik Alexandr Leonidovich was born in 1978 in Kharkov in a picturesque area of the forest-steppe of Ukraine.
Since his childhood he began to dream about painting, because he loved nature and wanted to make all spectators appreciate the beauty.
And there’s something from his biography:
In 1993-1998 studied at the Kharkiv Art School.
In 1998-2004 studied at Kharkiv Academy of Design and Art.
In 2001 became member of Junior Association Kharkiv Organization of National Union of Ukrainian Artists.
In 2008 joined to Kharkiv Organization of National Union of Ukrainian Artists.
During all his creative life he realized several personal exhibitions and took part at many group actions. His paintings have been acquired in the private collections of Ukraine, Russia, USA and Marokko. He, as every self-esteeming painter, tries to show a beautiful life in his paintings. The artist expresses this in such way: “I try to give people an idea about a beautiful life in my pictures. I want them coming home in a hard day and looking at my picture make them know that the important things are here. And they have to love and appreciate what they have.”
A child perceives beauty plainly and clearly, unreservedly feels the joy of completeness of the life. The artist’s credo is “to see life like a child does.” His principle is “Innocence, Sincerity, deep secrets of heart.” Fantasy and invention prevail in his art inseparable from logic, picturesque order of the canvas. Certainly, any kind of insensibility or sketchiness is alien to him. A man that lives so strongly needs such intension from his painting.

Liste des œuvres
Image (peinture) : Напоить коня
2004 a. / 90x120 cm
Prix du contrat
Image (peinture) : Мужики не закусывают
2008 a. / 80x80 cm
500 €