Artiste Ivanenko Valentin Michailowich

Pays de résidence: La Fédération de Russie
City: Krasnodar

Ivanenko Valentin was born in 1987 in Rostov-on-Don. From childhood he loved to paint, sculpt clay figurines. Krasnodar Art College after improving his skills, looking for new forms of creativity.

Liste des œuvres
Image (peinture) : Аwakening
2013 a. / 65x65 cm
50 000 Roubles
Image (peinture) : Bystreet
2013 a. / 55x82 cm
120 000 Roubles
Image (peinture) : Stopy blue fairy
2013 a. / 50x60 cm
120 000 Roubles