Artiste Chumeyko Natalia Vladimirovna

Pays de résidence: La Fédération de Russie
City: Moscou

Shumeyko Natalia Vladimirovna was born in Krasnodar in 1975. In 1992 has moved to Moscow. Formation: children's art school, the Moscow legal academy, philological faculty of Bergamsky humanitarian university of Italy, a course of studying of structures of mass-media at university Merimaunt (USA), faculty of international journalism РУДН, the program "Art criticism. The critic - the expert in antiques" at Academy of retraining of workers of art, a private curriculum of drawing and painting at the deserved artist of the Russian Federation N.N.Korotkov (6 years). The basic genres in Natalia Shumeyko's painting - a still-life and a landscape. Natalia Vladimirovna works in different technicians and themes. Draws a simple pencil, a pastel, distemper, oil...
Is engaged in a list on walls alseco (painting on dry plaster), to glass, a fabric, illustrates the book, creates interior subjects (design furniture, fixtures).

Liste des œuvres
Image (peinture) : La nature morte avec la branche du corail
2006 a. / 16x42 cm
65 000 Roubles
Image (peinture) : Coton
2005 a. / 22x44 cm
65 000 Roubles
Image (peinture) : L'amande florissant
2010 a. / 70x90 cm
100 000 Roubles
Image (peinture) : grapes
2005 a. / 80x50 cm
70 000 Roubles