Artiste Ivaschenko Grigori Aleksandrovich

Pays de résidence: Ukraine
City: Kiev

Grigory Ivashchenko was born on 4 January 1989 in the city of Krivoy Rog. In 2003 he graduated from art school № 1. In 2005 he graduated from Central City High School. In 2010 he graduated with honors from Krivoy Rog State Pedagogical University (Faculty of Arts, specialty advertising design).

Solo exhibition "In the footsteps of mankind" Krivoy Rog - 2009

"In his works the artist explores the influence of Technosphere on personality, social and environmental realities.
The project "In the footsteps of mankind" is a study of the industrial component of the world. The bottom line is that civilization develops and the development vector is directed strictly to the future. But for mankind remain artifacts, traces of his presence, both tangible and intangible. And since nature abhors a vacuum, it is reasonable to assume that in the wake of mankind are other forms of matter and energy - the substance or process event. .. who knows? Their presence is felt in the amended Energy abandoned and neglected factories, mines, quarries, burnt and forgotten lands. The next stage of life is behind us, eagerly looking and feeling our tracks. .. "

Group exhibition "Creative search - 2009" Krivoy Rog.

A group exhibition of contemporary art "summary" - 2010, Kiev.

Printed in a German magazine on the art of "Ostwind" publisher Richard Verlag - December 2009.

Personal exhibition "Anoesis" - 2010, City Exhibition Hall, Krivoy Rog

The second solo exhibition of Gregory Ivashchenko «Anoesis», which represented more than 80 paintings, most of which was established in 2010, is a study of the industrial component of the world.
The aim of the artist is to transfer the presence of another, poslechelovecheskogo in industrial monuments of civilization, in altered consciousness, and designed them to worlds.
Creating and sense of presence is impossible without the creation of ideas, so each painting the artist is the material embodiment of the idea by describing technogenic energy.
According to Grigory Ivashchenko humanity absorbed the functions of God and become part of them, when created a second nature - technosphere Earth. Affected by the deep strata of life that can not affect the industrial objects - artifacts of the changing times and moments.
The origins of creativity Gregory lie in the dark arts styles, such as a dark art and gothic-industrial, the respective styles of music, conceptualism and mysticism, and most importantly - in particular the perception of the process of creation and destruction of man-made shell of the Earth, the mapping of Energy neglected and abandoned industrial objects. ..

Style Name: Man-made romance

His works are in private collections in Ukraine and Russia.

Liste des œuvres
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Image (peinture) : Silence
2006 a. / 25x35 cm
Prix du contrat
Image (peinture) : Repetitsiya.Teatr
2008 a. / 80x60 cm
Prix du contrat
Image (peinture) : Portrait of cup
2006 a. / 15x20 cm
Prix du contrat
Image (peinture) : Hiking
2008 a. / 60x80 cm
Prix du contrat
Image (peinture) : Evening still life
2008 a. / 60x40 cm
Prix du contrat
Image (peinture) : The place
2008 a. / 40x30 cm
Prix du contrat
Image (peinture) : Friendship with fish
2006 a. / 70x50 cm
Prix du contrat
Image (peinture) : Silence. Evening
2009 a. / 31x50 cm
100 $
Image (peinture) : Extent
2009 a. / 66x29 cm
300 $
Image (peinture) : Production of  hot water
2009 a. / 43x23 cm
100 $
Image (peinture) : Partial control
2009 a. / 38x31 cm
150 $
Image (peinture) : Inevitability
2009 a. / 36x55 cm
150 $
Image (peinture) : Prayer of the three pipes
2009 a. / 27x41 cm
100 $
Image (peinture) : Mineral Factory
2009 a. / 44x27 cm
100 $
Image (peinture) : Distance
2009 a. / 46x28 cm
100 $
Image (peinture) : Part 3. Plant for buried mouse
2009 a. / 70x70 cm
900 $
Image (peinture) : A bone of iron plants
2009 a. / 35x40 cm
320 $
Image (peinture) : Apostles of entropy
/ 50x80 cm
600 $
Image (peinture) : What keeps our sky
2009 a. / 40x60 cm
400 $
Image (peinture) : Where the dry river
2009 a. / 60x44 cm
450 $
Image (peinture) : Dining for anyone
2009 a. / 70x54 cm
550 $
Image (peinture) : Ryboremontny  tceh
2009 a. / 57x36 cm
400 $
Image (peinture) : Ritual of rusty iron
2009 a. / 70x129 cm
Prix du contrat
Image (peinture) : The terrain has changed
2009 a. / 110x70 cm
1 100 $
Image (peinture) : The blood of the earth
2009 a. / 110x50 cm
1 000 $
Image (peinture) : Dihronalnaya asinhronizatsiya
2009 a. / 70x50 cm
500 $
Image (peinture) : Resurgent darkness
2009 a. / 129x82 cm
1 500 $
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