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Художник Миронов Геннадий Сергеевич

Страна проживания: Украина
Город: Киев

Born on 26.05.61 in Minsk, Belarus.
1968-1976 Student of the Art School in Minsk.
1976-1984 Student of the State Academy of Arts in Minsk.
1984 Acquires the diploma of the proffessional artist and designer.
Since 1985 works as a professional artist in style of philosophic unrealistic landscape painting.

1988 First exhibition in Minsk.
1989-1991 Close cooperation with the artist group \\\\\\\"Free Russian Modern Art\\\\\\\" in Munich, Germany.
1988-1991 Individual exhibitions in:
Minsk, Brest, Grodno, Gomel (Belarus)
Leningrad, Moskow, Smolensk, Woronez (Russia)
Munich (Germany).

1991 Becomes the leading artist of the \\\\\\\"BOST-ART\\\\\\\" Galery in Kiev, Ukraine.
Takes part at the following exhibitions of the \\\\\\\"BOST-ART\\\\\\\":
Kiev, Doneck, Nikolaev, Ternopol (Ukraine)
Vienna (Austria)
Since 1985 Gennady Mironov has taken part at more than 50 individual and group exhibitions.

1998 One of his paintings was given to the Pope Ioann Paul II as a gift from Belarussian pilgrims.

2008-2009 exhibitions in: Santiago, Vina del Mar (Chile)

Список работ
Картины (живопись) : sin titulo
2009 г. / 90x180 см
Картины (живопись) : б/н
2008 г. / 91x61 см
Картины (живопись) : б/н
2010 г. / 140x70 см
Картины (живопись) : б/н
2010 г. / 140x70 см